Original Paintings and Limited Edition Prints

Here are some original paintings and limited edition prints by me.

My original paintings are primarily done in watercolour, with which I work very quickly with heavy amounts of water which means my art constantly changes. I take inspiration from trips that we have taken, places we have visited. I have always loved, and felt inspired by animals, hence why I love to paint them.

However, some paintings I grow very attached too an cannot yet part with, or perhaps they were a gift to a close friend. This is why I have them professionally scanned and printed, for you.

They are a high quality 35 x 36 cm giclee print on German etching paper with white borders, actual image size 30 x 30 cm.

Each piece is from a limited edition of 50, and will be signed and numbered by me. A matching signed and numbered certificate of authenticity is also included to protect future value of this piece.

I hope you find something that means something to you, as it does to me.

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Pet Watercolour Commission
Two Pets Watercolour Commission
Ballet - Limited Edition Print
Owl - Limited Edition Print
Ladybirds - An Original Watercolour Painting
Sold Out
Giraffe on Green - Limited Edition Print
Sunset Elephant - Limited Edition Print
Red - Limited Edition Print
Leopard - An Original Watercolour Painting
Sold Out
Bees - An Original Watercolour Painting
Sold Out
Badger - An Original Watercolour Painting
Sold Out
Ariana - An Original Watercolour Painting
Pineapples - An Original Watercolour Painting
Sunset Rhino - Limited Edition Print
Stalking Lion - Limited Edition Print
Rabbit - An Original Watercolour Painting
Movement - Limited Edition Print
Lion - Limited Edition Print
Female Figure - Print
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