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Pet Commissions

Let's realise your dream painting.

Are you after a soothing and lovely image? Waterclour will blend your thoughts into the idyllic piece.

Or perhaps a bold and rich impression? Oil will render your idea with vibrancy and presence.

The choice is yours, and so is the size:


A5 - at home on a desk or kitchen worktop.

A4 - pop up in the office to cement the space.


18 x 24 cm - small, and happy to join a mantelpiece or side table.

24 x 30 cm - medium, just right for a bedroom wall or dining display.

30 x 40 cm - large, the pride and joy of a hallway or living room.


Do you have something else in mind, such as a portrait or landscape?

Let's discuss! Email me at

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18x24cm Pet Oil Commission
24x30cm Pet Oil Commission
30x40cm Pet Oil Commission
A4 Pet Watercolour Commission
A5 Pet Watercolour Commission
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